"My heart is so full from sitting under the teaching of the women at the Cultivating Lovely Conference. It was a joy to soak in the presence of God with women who are pursuing him wholeheartedly. Thankful for this community and to share life with these people, even if just for a few hours."  -Kelsee E.

"I loved meeting Christian women bloggers at the conference. My blog is extremely important to me and I feel like it is a tool to spread my testimony and love for the Lord. It was so good to make connections with some of the Christian bloggers that have inspired me. And getting to hear Hayley Morgan speak was icing on the cake!" - Erika B.

"I love the focus of the conference being for women that are in their 20's and 30's. The whole thought process around 'what makes me lovely' is something I needed so much. I could have easily rattled off 10-15 things I don't like about myself or things I want to change and improve. I was remotely aware that I am pretty hard on myself, but that was a big reality check on how destructive our thoughts can be if we let them. Ever since writing out that list of what makes me lovely during the conference, it has been a night and day difference. I have found myself constantly reflecting on that list, adding to it, and remembering that no matter what I am lovely because God created me in his image. Hearing other's experiences really helped bring to light for me that being willing to share my struggles instead of trying to hide them will not only be beneficial to me but to others.  I can speak from experience and say that the struggle of anxiety has truly brought me closer to God and I'm not sure where my relationship with him would be at without it. My anxiety almost stopped me from coming to the conference but I'm so glad that it didn't!" -Kylee A. 

"Oh my gosh, I loved the conference! I know God spoke to my heart through it and I'm sure He spoke to every woman there! My friend who came with me felt like the speakers were reading her mind and saying word for word everything she had been thinking and feeling." -Brenna D.

"The conference was fantastic. So many things I heard felt like it was just what my heart needed right now! I'm so blessed to have been able to experience it!"  -Andrea S. 

"I am blown away by the power that was felt by so many in that room where we cultivated some amazing loveliness. I knew a lot of the women who attended, and I think you would all be blown away by the stories behind the faces. You guys, there was a woman there who was still processing her precious husband's tragic suicide. There were women who had loved their husbands out of addiction and alcoholism. There were women there who had survived terrible sexual attacks. Who had awful childhoods. I looked around my table both days and just sat in awe at the beauty of these women and their stories" -Catrina N. 

"All of these women nailed it this weekend. Being a fly on the wall, it was incredible to watch these women lead and speak truth into the lives of everyone in the room."  -Chris D. 

"God used the wisdom of the ladies at the Cultivating Lovely Conference to speak directly to my heart. I had no idea God was going to change my heart so much in just two short days! I think the number one thing that truly hit me to my core was that I stand ALONE before the throne of Christ. It's so easy to be consumed in the day-to-day busyness of life. I can forget that my life is to be all about Jesus. That's it. I am here for Christ alone and I worship Him daily in the gifts or trials He gives me. I am so thankful for the shift in focus that the ladies at this conference gave to me!"  -Hannah H. 

"God uses women just like these to change the world! Men need to shut up more."  -Luke E.

"I was really moved by the speakers at the Cultivating Lovely Conference tonight. Something Hayley Morgan shared really resonated with me. She reminded us that Jesus is the prize, not the things He might give us. Also, nothing we can do can make God love you more...likewise, there is nothing you can do to make Him love you less! Yes! Yes!"  -Dija H.